Creative approaches that redefine your communication strategies.

Explore how collateral, social networks, and emerging technologies can transform your promotional efforts.


We enjoy the challenge of staying current on trends, providing you with content consistent with your communication, branding goals and social media integration stratergies


Our team will provide you with a planned, organization-wide effort to increase effectiveness and/or efficiency utilizing various creative mediums and modalities that will enable your business to acheive its strategic objectives of each project and effectively manage cost, schedule, and quality throughout the entire project life cycle while ensuring the highest quality outcome.

About us

e-Swank takes a fearless approach in business development. We specialize in Guerrilla Marketing tactics that offer high impact at low cost. In an effort to provide our clients with the best service they have come to expect from us, our boutique agency focuses on specialized work for a limited client list in order to ensure that you always have direct access to our Creative Director/Owner, individualized creative driven content tailored to your needs and a faster turnaround, because we don’t take on more projects then we can comfortably handle at one time.

Social Media Management

There is an effective and an ineffective way to implement Social Media Marketing. We do not place emphasis on followers or numbers that appear to make your business SEEM successful, instead we focus on relevant, targeted potential customers who want to engage and is interested in what YOUR business has to offer. Our efforts scale down to a localized target market that provides you with metrics that can be seen offline with measurable results. e-Swank provides each client with their own social media management program that allows them to automate their own efforts while under the expertise of a social media professional.

Promotions & Collaterals

Our promotional team can provide your campaign with active encouragement towards the furtherance of your cause, venture, or aim. Our efforts will raise customer awareness of your product or brand, generate sales, and create brand loyalty. From branding conceptualization to ingenious, innovative distribution methods we can assist you in achieving your marketing goals via a collaborative effort.

White Label Ghost Services

White label marketing refers to a situation where a marketing service is provided to a company, and that company sells the service under their own brand. We can provide such services to larger size marketing firms as well as extend such service to a business or public persona. e-Swank clients receive all of the accolades and perks with minimal work. We pride ourselves in confidentiality and making your business shine. e-Swank clients range from Celebrities, and Designers, to Medical Professionals and Non-Profit Organizations.

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"Never forget where you've been, be happy with where you are, and keep moving toward where you're going"

- The Secret of Life

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